Financial software / What benefits does it provide?

BIA, being an integrated and integrative solution of all management, back office and administrative functions in Investment*and Advice Service Companies, facilitates a full view of your business, providing them with a superior level of information and control.

Without diminishing his integrated solution character, it provides highly-efficient partial solutions to the brokerage, settlement, custody, reporting, control unit, treasury and CIS management and administrative flows.


Business advantages.
Automation and control of all processes; minimizing legal, operative and reputational risks.
Place the company in the technological avant-garde. Centralize all information in a single environment.
Put at the user’s disposal the information at any time and anywhere.
Maximum control and performance in data management.
Avoid paper document loss – Files Management.
Satisfy efficiently the needs of the economic-financial area. Audit, safety and confidentiality.
Strengthen the human staff though the implementation of a true company intelligence.
Customer service and support to the company.
Greater economic performance.
Take decisions in a data based and efficient way.
Make standard procedures and the particularities of each entity compatible.