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20 years in the market back us up as a reliable, efficient and profitable solution to your business. Our customers, BIA users, express their opinion about their experience with the product and with Alter Soft:

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In business management, there are tools which are needed to solve efficiently and effectively daily challenges. And BIA is that tool. This software allows us to combine different alternatives in the face of the width of Financial Markets, which yields to support, without a doubt, our strategic addressing. And all that directed by Alter’s staff, characterized by their closeness, global view and quick understanding of both the field’s main business needs and each company’s specific needs.

Ramón Cardil - TREA Capital

Bia is a modern and reliable tool for this time of changes.

Lluís Amat - QRenta

Alter Software is synonym for simplicity in the introduction and use of information; with a remarkable cost saving and improvement in the taking of decisions.

Paco Casallo - Haciendas Bio

To us, Alter means an adapted solution to our needs, which allows covering all of them and adapt to our field’s own specifics. Alter’s staff’s knowledge on Financial Markets allows them a quick adaptation to the market’s evolution. Both the speed to respond our demands and the ease of communication with them are two key factors in our relationship.

Alberto Zumárraga - Grupo Mercagentes

We have carried out a pioneer comprehensive management project in the financial sector. By means of an accurate analysis and a versatile and efficient development, a corporate ERP has been obtained, modelled and with the option of setting parameters, which allows us to enhance the functions in our staff and resources, and establishing permanent synergies between both companies besides.

Lluís Domènech - Grupo GVC-Gaesco